An Artist who captures the history, culture and expression of the original Felah Mengus peoples, the heart and soul of traditional Flamenco.



The history of flamenco is founded upon the original ‘wandering peoples’ or Felah Mengus, who migrated from India, North Africa and the Middle East over 3,000 years ago. Sweeping up into Eastern Europe, and westwards into Spain, Italy, Portugal and France, settling in their diverse gypsy communities and bringing with their cultures, their traditions and their music.

Flamenco, is the very expression of the self, the soul and the heart of the individual; dance, song and music are wholly improvisations of expression from the individual to the very heart of those who witness it. The passion and authenticity of those with the gift of flamenco reaches into the depths of the human heart like no other art form.


Flamenco Guitarist & Composer

Born 6th January 1981 in Bucharest, Romania (38)
Nationality: Romanian
Domiciled: Barcelona, Spain

Early Life: At the age of 13 he’d been through his Classical Guitar studies at the George Enescu Music School in Bucharest, under Liviu Georgescu. At the age of 14 he won First Prize at the Classical Guitar Festival in Craiova, Romania. Considered by all who taught him to be a natural Classical and Flamenco guitar player, he progressed rapidly.

Professional studies and work: At the age of 20, in love with the Flamenco Guitar, he decided to go to Rotterdam to start to specialise in the Art of Flamenco Guitar under the Maestro Paco Peña, and studied for 2 years at the Rotterdam Conservatoire.

In 2003 he moved to Barcelona to continue to study under Maestro Manuel Granados at the Barcelona Conservatoire. In Barcelona he started to work with the Flamenco singer, Pilar Diaz Romero, who later became his wife.

He has performed in Munich, Paris, Los Angeles, Rome, Naples, Bogota, Colombia, Spain and Romania. He has appeared in concert for Television in Spain and Romania.

He is constantly in demand in Barcelona and performs with prestigious Flamenco singers and dancers, as well as a duo with his wife, and as a soloist.


Pilar was born into a Gypsy family where Flamenco was the oxygen of life. Her grandfather, Paco Romero, was a professional Guitarist. Her father, Jose Diaz, was a renowned flamenco Singer. Pilar started singing at the age of 3. At the age of 5 she won 1st Prize for her Flamenco Singing & Dancing in the Barcelona district where the family lived!

Of her 5 siblings, all Flamenco Singers, Pilar stood out for her dedication to the traditional Flamenco Arts, acting in peñas Flamencas, accompanied by illustrious Guitarists & Musicians such as Justo Fernández, and his brothers Lucerito & Juaneke.

At the age of 18 Pilar moved to Madrid where she performed in the most famous tablaos, accompanied by the Teachers Felipe Maya, and Leonides & Jerome Maya. Her reputation as an Authentic Flamenco Artist (Song & Dance) led to Performances for Television and Radio.

After several successful years in Madrid, Pilar returned to Barcelona where she started working with Flamenco Dance companies. There she met and worked with Gogoanta on compositions and authentic repertoire. They went on to perform and record together, and as Soloists, to great acclaim.

They married 15 years ago and have two children. They currently reside in Barcelona where they are renowned as Authentic Flamenco Artists.


As soloists and as a duo, Gogoanta and Díaz Romero are stunning in their original compositions as well as their traditional repertoires. Every performance is spine-tingling, reaching the very hearts of those who witness it. They create a mysterious silence into which they bring the very Spirit of Flamenco with their duende, leaving audiences changed, spellbound, moved.




Strength, sweetness, grace, virtuosity. These are the key words one might think of while listening to Gogoanta’s dreamlike Guitar. His playing blends dramatic color and prolific fantasy, with deep knowledge of all the Flamenco roots and an amazing technical mastery.

The explosion of his pure Flamenco expressiveness became clear after his meeting with Pilar Díaz Romero, an Authentic Flamenco Gypsy Singer & Dancer from Barcelona, who later became his wife.

With her he explored the passionate traditions of Flamenco in all its forms, styles and Arts. His virtuosity and authenticity blossomed and he has become generally acknowledged as a genuinely brilliant Musician, master of both Solo Guitar and the Art of accompaniment for Voice or Dance.

He has played in all the peñas Flamencas. He has accompanied many famous Singers, including El Mantecao, Gloria Mateo, Alba Guerrero, and Dancers including Nacho Blanco, Juan Mateo, Antonio Alaya, Cristina Blanco, Isaac Barbero, Eva Santiago and Eli Alaya.

He worked with the Nuria Ventura Dance Company, being invited to join their Tour of Columbia. He holds numerous Solo Guitar and Cante and Guitar Workshops and Concerts in Barcelona, Seville, Huelva, Bilbao and Santander.

His great musicianship is amplified by exuberant creativity and an intense sensitivity. While deeply rooted in the emotional and cultural Flamenco traditions, Gogoanta always finds a fascinating way to lend an inimitable, distinctive mark to his interpretations. His guitar reaches beyond musicality to find invisible threads that lead directly to the hearts of the audience.

One never ceases to be amazed by his dazzling technique, his fresh harmonies or variations. His passion is contagious. It boils in the blood. And that’s Pure Flamenco!

Gogoanta, elegant, sober, flamenco with passion, technical and clear, with a respectful and polite touch. Very good job. Universal without a doubt. Exceptional video quality. I really liked it.
Review by Carlos Romagosa, Barcelona, August 2021

Flamenco is a philosophy, the way of thinking and
feeling of a whole people and its historical tradition.


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